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Christopher Lee - Metal Knight

Charlemagne Productions Ltd

Just when you think you can’t admire the legendary Sir Christopher Lee any more, he goes and celebrates his 92 birthday by releasing a Heavy Metal album: “Metal Knight”. Gotta love him! His booming voice is amazing, and the musicianship throughout is stellar – the musical equivalent of a fireworks display.

The epic “I – Don Quixote (short)” sets the tone for the rest of the album – a marriage of genres that seamlessly melts Metal, Classical, and “Man Of La Mancha” into the blacksmith’s forge, resulting in a razor-sharp shining sword to be held high in triumph. This is followed by a very heartfelt and courageous rendition of “The Impossible Dream”.

“The Toreador March (short)” is chock full of bravado. Lee’s Metal rendition of “My Way” probably has the late Frank Sinatra holding up the “Metal horns” hand gesture from the grave – Lee totally made this song his very own – an extreme adrenaline rush! The majestic “I – Don Quixote (Extended)” invites us into his imagination – there is a fantastic spoken-word intro about a Knight Errant who wants to right all of the world’s wrongs.

A theatrical diatribe serves as the intro to “The Impossible Dream (Extended)”, which has a more mellow start than the shorter version but gains in intensity until it hits epic proportions – breathtaking! The spectacular “The Toreador March (Extended)” is soaring musicianship ushering in a regal procession.

This album is timeless, and a welcome addition to any musical library. Lee certainly inspires countless generations to keep reaching for that unreachable star!

~Athena Schaffer