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Calabrese - Lust for Sacrilege

Spookshow Records

One of The Crowgrrl’s favorite guitarists, Paul Allender (formerly of Cradle of Filth fame) has appropriately stepped into his own spotlight with the solo EP, “White Empress” (Peaceville Records). I’ve always said his guitar artistry was regal (case in point – in my “Midian” review, I called the fantastic guitar riffs in “Her Ghost In The Fog” as “fitting as a march for Infernal Royalty”), but with “White Empress” the musicianship shines as bright as a white-hot star!

Calabrese’s new album Lust for Sacrilege is the best yet from this stellar Horror-Punk trio – one of my favorites! Although inspired by the Misfits, their vocal harmonies have always been amazing, and their music absolutely addictive, seriously surpassing the ‘Fits (whom I’ve also loved since their Glenn Danzig days). Calabrese’s new release is darker, grittier, and heavier than ever before!

Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, this unholy trinity is comprised of the Calabrese brothers: Jimmy (vocals/bass), Davey (drums), and Bobby (vocals/guitar). Jimmy says the new album was inspired by darker, heavier bands they admire, including Danzig, Mastodon, and Black Sabbath. Bobby says the album was “Time to get evil and explore our dark side”. Really?! Darker than Born With A Scorpion’s Touch?! Wow!

The new video for “Down In Misery” made its exclusive world premier on Alternative Bobby says their song is their “Anti-Hero” song, inspired by Danzig melded with The Clash. The song is downright Awesome!!! The video is intriguing, with very Ace of Swords-tarot imagery.

“The Dark Is Who I Am” is more mature and orchestral than previous Calabrese offerings, but it’s still deliciously dark and brooding. Great album intro. The aforementioned “Down In Misery” has awesome musicianship! Very Ramones-inspired feel with fantastic vocal harmonies! “Teenage Crimewave” is raw, violent, and intense. The sophisticated “Flesh & Blood” features excellent percussion and an ‘80’s New Wave feel. Love it!

The title “Lust For Sacrilege” track absolutely Rocks! I love the guitar in “Wanted Man” – very Danzig-inspired with lyrics about a wanted man on the run. The incredible “Serpent Flame” absolutely conjures dragons!

“Gimme War” is an undisputed blitzkrieg! The predatory “New York Ripper” is razor-sharp an chillingly dangerous! The raw “Lords of the Wasteland” is a turbo-charged post-apocalyptic journey into a Mad Max world. The melancholic power ballad “Drift Into Dusk” is a total shout-out to their Danzig-inspired roots, very reminiscent of the latter’s “Blood & Tears” from the “Lucifuge” album. Fantastic!

The band is currently on tour in the US, with a UK tour to follow in April and May, 2015. They also have new merch available.

~Athena Schaffer