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Amber Spyglass - Breathing in Essence
Decorative Records
Release: September 17, 2012

Amber Spyglass: Layers of percussion and stringed instruments pull the listening audience through an open doorway via a timeless, classical foundation of music development that pushes one next into the forefront of more sombre vocals gently restraining the melancholic musings of contemporary poetic commentary; a suitable preamble to the nostalgic and melodramatic stylings of yet more recognized music artists such as Faith and The Muse, Attrition, The Spiritual Bat, Mors Syphilitica, and Requiem in White.

Breathing in Essence (5 tracks) features "On the Wire", an anthemic-styled song that spirals euphorically up into a cloud of cataclysmic fusion, which is then followed by two very prominent songs of intense passion, repleat with the same spectral grace as the other three tracks, yet more poignantly culminating within "Violent Silence" and the finale of "Like Lost Lovers"; two short songs with all the grip of a passionate embrasure, where the door begins slowly to open upon the underlying visionary intent of the musicians and the haunting music itself.

Release date for this EP: 09-17-2012

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~Jett Black