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Alien Sex Fiend - Death Trip
13th Moon Records
Release: May 2010

DEATH TRIP - a quick meltdown on the background musical theme: think Austin "James Bond" Powers flirting surreptitiously with Shaun of the Dead while masturbating against any anti-socio-political nightmare inspired by the latest Michael Moore documentary. Now, remix that punkass chyme with a peptic + HCL glaze on the "f--king psychic" face of it, and spin vigorously until arcane vertigo sinks into the auditory ossicles. Marinate pia mater liberally with the cheapest case of green glass sewage available from the "wrong planet", and then join the marching crowd, linked arm in arm, singing the "BBFC" mantra whilst goose-stepping a path toward the atria of any local chamber of commerce.

More fun cannot be had (on this planet) without actually getting arrested; follow my advice above and you just might experience the best of both worlds!

Any DJ in this universe unwilling to give DEATH TRIP a dance floor spin should never be labeled as "daring". "Republican wanker", maybe, but never "daring".

Track listing :
01.  Erazerdrone
02.  Land Of The Living Dead
03.  One Way Ticket
04.  The Hills Have Eyes
05.  B.B.F.C.
06.  Intensify The Treatment
07.  Dance Of The Dead
08.  Voodoo
09.  Beyond A Psychic Evil
10.   Oops! Wrong Planet

~Jett Black