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Julian Tulip's Licorice - Across The Room From You

Seventeen sometimes feels like going on seven. Now, if you could just hold onto those elusive moments... Julian Tulip's Licorice has the secret and the words are always shared exclusively, just for you. Can you keep this secret? Tune in, now. Give it your best shot!

Now recording from NYC, Across The Room From You presents the first composite look into this secret that hungry fans have been craving since the rainy Northwest regional release of previous albums, The Umbrella Party, and Sulk. Fresh perspectives from within the city that never sleeps breathe revitalizing passion into the voice of a generation lost to the oblivion of out-of-touch technology, and the for-ever ephemeral youth forgotten beneath the CGI wheels of wireless networking. Shhh! Hold onto that secret, now. Just listen.

Whispers of friendship, furtive glances, awkward moments shared with mirth, smiles, soothing tones of acceptance. Drop into that judgement-free zone, download this album. Press Play on "Everyone Out". Get up. Get dressed. Go out. Share music. Make and meet friends. Have a wonderful time together drifting to the after-party.

Watery dreams, drowning in the tender sadness of disintegration, flirt with the human spirit in between the bruised lines of "Don't Scream, Just Go."

Restless anxiety? Cabin fever? Wandering in search of that dangerous desire to feel any hint of passionate release? "The Killer Of Weathergirl Dreams" just might compel you to march out that door and take on that murky world of stir-crazy uncertainty, and mixed-up expectations.

A menagerie of half-remembered conversations filter in between tracks like echoes in the Hallway; tricks of the mind, like gossip Games.

And, once more, the darkness dissipates; a new day is dawning. "Thanks For Standing There" will get you home again, safely, underground, on the 3.

Track listing :
01_Hallway Games(Part One) 00:13
02_Come See Me Down There 04:23
03_Everyone Out(Only With You) 03:28
04_Hallway Games(Part Two) 00:43
05_Don't Scream, Just Go 03:26
06_Hallway Games(Part Three) 00:22
07_The Killer Of Weathergirl Dreams 02:52
08_Hallway Games(Part Four) 00:20
09_I'm Not Into Girls Like That 02:25
10_What Ever Happened To The Mascara Club? 02:51
11_Brilliant People 03:31
12_Thanks For Standing There 03:13

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~Jett Black